Safe Business Management and SAFe

Safe business management is an approach that focuses on improving a business’s safety processes. It requires managers to address various influencing factors, such as culture and leadership.

The company’s health and safety policies should be clear and consistent with Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) guidelines. This is crucial to get the desired results. A do i need mcafee webadvisor company’s management team must be able to make the system work. This means demonstrating via explicit comments, performance evaluations and bonus systems that the company respects safety as much as production numbers. For instance, LyondellBasell has a policy which states that if OSHA records indicate that injuries are high managers will not receive bonuses.

Lean-Agile, Scaled Scrum and other Agile frameworks place a high priority on safe business management. In particular, they emphasize the roles, structures and artifacts that are appropriate to each scale. The Lean-Agile Model, for example, includes a role for safety and quality within each Scrum team. The model also teaches to keep the safety of employees in mind when designing and developing software.

A successful and secure business management software program is an essential part of the technology backbone model (TBM). TBM and SAFe are working together to ensure that more effective systems and software aren’t as expensive. Find out more about the TBM and SAFe partnership in this article about transforming IT into an authentic partner.

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